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MyBestMattress independently reviews dozens of best mattress brands. The testing process is done daily by our expert reviewers from start to finish, with only one aim in mind - to help you find the best online mattress companies & improve your sleep. Everything you need to know about mattress brands - we have covered here.

Best Mattress Brands Layers

How we test best mattresses?

All of our team members have been in the position where it was hard to choose the perfect mattress. We know it can be really exhausting dealing with sales agents & thousands of online mattress reviews. That’s why we gathered all the useful information about mattresses in one honest, convenient place - so you don’t have to spend your valuable time on research. Here’s how the best mattress brands evaluation goes. We:

  • Analyze user reviews & feedback.
  • Carry out an in-depth investigation online.
  • Examine manufacturer provided specifications.
  • When a test mattress is available - test it.
  • Score & rank mattresses with data science models.
  • Publish in-depth mattress test results & reviews.

List of Best Mattress Brands

Every online mattress company is different & unique in its own way. The mattresses they produce range from softest to the most firm, from old-fashioned to modern… It’s our job to show you all of the possibilities in an honest, time-saving way - creating online mattress reviews. Just pick your perfect pick:

139 Online Mattress Reviews

We’ve made choosing the best mattress brands easy. By reviewing every emerging online mattress company in the market, our research gurus are expanding your possibilities of finding the right mattress according to your sleep habits, health, body type, price range & preferences.

82 Categories of Best Mattress Brands

People have different mattress needs and online mattress companies react accordingly - they create hundreds of mattresses for every life situation & preference. But all these possibilities are confusing, aren’t they? Worry not - we have systemized all the most important mattress categories for every sleepy-head there is, so you wouldn’t have to spend hours searching for the right one.

Best Mattress Brands Categories

28 Reviews of Best Sleep Accessories

Good sleep doesn't end with a mattress. To take your sleep to the higher level, you will need top-rated sleep accessories: best pillows, sheets, toppers and much more. Here, you'll wind the most in-depth sleep accessory reviews in one convenient place. Just browse & pick your best products for sleep improvement!

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103 Coupon Deal Pages of the Best Mattress Brands

Our team scans the internet & constantly provides the readers with the best mattress coupons, deals & discounts. All the offerings listed here are 100% verified & working - just pick your favourite brand & save!

Best Mattress Deals

12 Holiday Pages of the Best Mattress Brands

5 Discount Pages of the Best Mattress Brands

114 In-Depth Sleep Guides & Sleep Education Resources

Our sleep experts & reviewers are investigating the most interesting sleep-related issues and providing you with useful guides, insights & tips. Learn all about sleep & never feel tired again.

2 Free Mattress Giveaways

Wondering how to get a free mattress & improve your sleep? Participate in our exclusive free mattress giveaway contests for a chance to win top-rated mattresses for free! Take a look at all the free mattress giveaways we offer:

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How to Choose the Best Mattress Brands?

Best Mattress type


Online mattress companies make different mattresses for different people. Meaning that before purchasing a mattress, you have to know what you’re looking for - a firm mattress, or one on the softer side? Maybe you love to lay in the cloud of memory foam, or enjoy the bounciness of mattress coil? Either way, a mattress type is one of the most important aspects when choosing which mattress brands to trust.

Best Mattress durability


Nobody wants to spend a lot of money on a product that won’t serve them for long. A mattress is not an exception - it should be worth the investment. That’s why you always have to look at the durability of the mattress - best mattress brands always have different amount of warranty years. Some mattresses will serve you for long, some will fail you quite fast. But we have all of that covered in our online mattress reviews.

Best Mattress price


Let’s be blunt - we all want to save. Either it’s a shirt or a mattress, we’re glad to get good deals. And that’s understandable! Mattress is not a cheap item, but it's worth the investment if you choose the right one. That’s what our online mattress reviews uncover - the quality vs price ratio. Some mattress brands have high prices only because of their expensive marketing campaigns, but not because of good quality.

Best Mattress trials

Trials & Shipping

While purchasing a mattress from online mattress companies, you cannot be 100% sure of your decision because you didn’t test it beforehand. That’s why it’s really important to choose mattress brands that offer reasonable trial & shipping guarantees. The trial periods can really differ depending on the mattress brands. All of the sleep trial & shipping information is always covered in our in-depth online mattress reviews.

Best Mattress price

Company reputation

Even if online mattress companies are offering seemingly amazing deals, you cannot trust everything you see - there might be deeper issues beneath the exterior. Some mattress brands have legal issues, bad customer support & communication, feuds with their clients, etc. MyBestMattress cares about transparency, so online mattress companies reputation is always researched & documented.

Best Mattress sleeping position

Customer Service

It might not be very important for some people, but if you encounter some problems or questions, customer support is utterly important - it can either set a good tone about the mattress brands, or totally ruin your mood & the whole mattress purchasing experience. Communication with customers really reflects the mattress brand as a whole, so it’s an important aspect to consider before buying.