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Best Egyptian cotton sheets, best cotton sheets with a 300-thread count, organic cotton VS non-organic options…

Confusing? I bet it is.

Worry not, however - in this list, I’ll tell you all about the best cotton bed sheets, and even provide a short explanation for why you should cotton products, in the first place.

The list of our best cotton sheets providers will look a little something like this:

Best Cotton Sheets: Introduction

Before we go off and discuss the best cotton sheets of the current year, we should probably quickly cover why you should be interested in cotton products, in the first place, right?

If you’re already a veteran when it comes to reading online guides and customer sleep product reviews, you likely know that products that have cotton in their construction are usually viewed rather favorably. Be it top-tier pillows or the best cotton sheets, cotton-related items do often top the charts.

There are a few reasons for why that’s the case, and one of the more important ones would have to be the fact that cotton is an organic material.

While some of the more cynical customers might say that this is just a shtick, organic products actually have a lot of benefits over synthetic ones. While some researchers argue that factors such as social status or ethnicity can impact sleep in different ways[1], if there’s anything that everyone has in common, it would have to be allergies.

Best cotton sheets: a field of cotton.

The best cotton sheets are going to be hypoallergenic - this means that even if you have a lot of different allergies, you’re still highly unlikely to develop a negative response to one of these sheets.

Another major factor for why people love the best organic cotton sheets is the fact that they tend to sleep exceptionally cool. This is true with other cotton-based products, too! When it comes to the best cotton sheets, however, these items are going to not only breathe much better than other materials, but also wick moisture away from the sleeper’s body.

Also, while this might not be directly related to your sleeping quality or comfort, there’s also the topic of price. Even the best cotton sheets are going to be much more affordable than, say, some luxurious silk ones.

While there are quite a few additional pros and cons associated with cotton sleep products, we’ll discuss them as we talk and reviews the actual providers of the best cotton bed sheets.

Caleb Backe

Certified Personal Trainer, Health & Wellness Expert

How can various sleep accessories help us sleep better?

An often overlooked aspect of good sleep is the linen that you’re sleeping in. You want to make sure that your bedsheets are keeping you at optimal temperature and are soft on the skin. Your bed sheets aren’t made for every season and may be retaining unnecessary heat while you sleep. Switch your regular pillow for a buckwheat pillow that won’t hold onto your body heat and keep you cool through the night. If buckwheat is too big an investment, at least ensure that your bedding is 100% pure cotton to avoid polyester blends that trap heat.

1. Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheets - Amazing Breathability and Softness

Ranks #1 out of 5 Mattresses

If you’re someone who frequents sleep item reviews and some other “best cotton sheets” lists, then you’re probably not at all surprised at seeing Brooklinen at the top.

Yes, the Luxe Core sheet set that the brand offers really is that good.

The sheets are made from a mixture of Egyptian and Indian cotton. Straight off the bat, if you’re looking for the best Egyptian cotton sheets, Brooklinen is likely to be one of the best choices for you.

That being said, you should also keep in mind the fact that Egyptian cotton sheets, as opposed to those that were made from, say, American-grown cotton, are going to be quite a bit more expensive. Just a note.

The unique blend of materials and an impressive 480-thread count guarantees that the sheets are going to both serve you for a long time to come, and maintain optimal breathability and cooling levels while doing so.

What is the Price for The Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheet Set?

The Brooklinen cotton sheet set comes equipped with a flat sheet, a fitted one, and two pillowcases - that’s a pretty standard combination for most (if not all) sheet sets out there.

Remember when I mentioned that Egyptian cotton sheets tend to be more expensive than those made from most other types of cotton? Well, this is yet another pleasant surprise on Brooklinen’s part - considering the quality and fame of the product, the prices of the Luxe Core set of sheets are amazing.

As far as the best cotton sheets are concerned, Brooklinen’s set will cost you anywhere from $129 up to $169.

On top of some difficult-to-believe price tags, the brand also provides its customers with a 365-day warranty. You will literally have an entire year to “test” the product out, and if it doesn’t suit your wants and needs, Brooklinen will provide you with a full refund, and they’ll even pay for shipping, if you’re located in the US.

Visit Brooklinen Bed Sheets
...or read our Brooklinen Bed Sheets review

2. Allswell Sheets - Organic Sateen Sheets

Ranks #2 out of 5 Mattresses

Allswell pride themselves on offering customers some organic sateen sheets. Notably, “sateen” is the keyword in that description.

What’s so special about it, you may ask? Well, not only does it make the Allswell’s organic best cotton sheets breathable and cool to sleep on, but it also provides that luxurious feeling of comfort and softness. These sheets are going to be best suited for anyone who has trouble sleeping cool during the Summer season, but also wants to improve the comfort level of their bed, too.

Furthermore, sateen makes the Allswell sheets some of the most durable and long-lasting cotton sheets on this list! Since durability isn’t exactly a “strong spot” for cotton products, it’s nice to know that Allswell’s got you covered.

What is the Price of the Allswell Sheet Set?

The Allswell sheet set is going to cost you anywhere from $72 up to $115, depending on the size that you need. Do note, however, that if you choose to go with the Twin-sized option, you will only receive a single pillowcase instead of two. That’s only with the Twin-sized sheet set, though.

Now, needless to say, those price tags are actually amazing. Yet again, this is thanks to cotton being one of the more-affordable materials out there - unless you’re looking for the best Egyptian cotton sheets, that is.

Visit Allswell Bed Sheets

3. Parachute Percale Sheets - Natural and Very Cool to Sleep On

Ranks #3 out of 5 Mattresses

The percale sheets offered by Parachute are often named as some of the best cotton sheets for a few different reasons.

First of all, breathability. Because of its specific design, and a 400-thread count, the Percale sheets sleep super-cool, and are some of the most-breathable sheet products that you’ll find in this price range.

Also, the sheets come with an impressive 16” pocket depth. This means that you will not only be able to fit a pretty thick mattress into them, but won’t also have to worry about the covers constantly sliding off of the surface.

What is the Price of the Parachute Percale Sheet Set?

The entire Percale sheet set is going to cost you anywhere from $169 up to $239, with the top sheet included. While the price for these “best cotton sheets” might be a bit high, the brand promises that their products aren’t artificially softened, and are completely free of any toxic chemicals.

Visit Parachute Bed Sheets
...or read our Parachute Bed Sheets review

4. Mellani Sheets - Good Breathability

Ranks #4 out of 5 Mattresses

Truth be told, while doing research for this “best cotton sheets” article, I’ve seen Mellani come up quite a few times. That said, not many customers seem to know about the company, let alone its cotton sheet products.

The customers who have actually purchased a set of sheets from the brand’s official webpage, however, note that the products are exceptionally breathable, especially when you keep their price tags in mind (we’ll get to that in a second). Let’s just say that, in this price range, Mellani offers some of the most temperature-neutral sheets around.

Whether you’re looking for the best organic cotton sheets or the best sheets, overall, you’re probably doing so in order to improve the quality (and perhaps length?) of your sleep. Sleep deprivation can cause loss of concentration[2], which can then, in turn, lead to other, more-extensive issues.

What’s the first thing that you need to get a good night’s sleep? Cooling, comfort, softness - sure. That said, however, I would argue that durability is the essential aspect to look into.

This is actually the one, major issue that some customer Mellani sheet reviews reference when it comes to the cons of the product - it would seem that it does lack in terms of longevity, especially when compared to some other sheets on this “best cotton sheets” list.

Having said that… Let’s talk about the price.

What is the Price of the Mellani Sheet Set?

The reason why I made that seemingly-odd segway from the topic of durability into the pricing options for the Mellani sheets is simple - the items will cost you anywhere from $37,30 up to $68.

Now, do you see what I mean? While Mellani might not be as durable or long-lasting as its competitors, the price for which you could purchase a set of the brand’s sheets is unbeatable.

Visit Mellani Bed Sheets
...or read our Mellani Bed Sheets review

5. Casper Sheets - Pima Cotton for Optimal Softness

Ranks #5 out of 5 Mattresses

Casper is one of the best-known mattress-providing companies in the world. The brand’s mattresses can constantly be seen in most of the customer “best mattress” reviews online - that should tell you that the company is probably doing something right.

When it comes to this list of the best cotton sheets, it’s worth noting that the Casper sheets are made out of Pima cotton. It’s basically the American equivalent of Egyptian cotton - Pima cotton products come equipped with some above-average durability, and are usually some of the softest sheets you’ll come across.

Can the same be said about Casper? Actually - yes, yes it can.

Casper’s sheet set seems to be super-soft, meaning that if you’re someone who’s looking for that extra bit of comfort, you shouldn’t be disappointed purchasing this product.

One thing to note here is that, while organic cotton products are usually the best way to go, they do tend to wrinkle up with time, as they age. This is something that a few customer Casper sheet reviews have pointed out online - it does seem to be a one- or two-off scenario, but it’s still worth keeping in mind, nonetheless.

Now, what’s definitely worth keeping in mind is the price tag of the Casper bed sheets.

What is the Price of the Casper Sheet Set?

The Casper sheet set is expensive - like, really expensive.

While it does depend on where you purchase it from, the price can go up to $250 for the Queen-sized variant. Ya - that expensive.

Is the price worth it? Well, customer opinions are actually rather split in this regard. Some customers say that the quality of these “best cotton sheets” really does fit the price, while others are less adamant on this topic.

Visit Casper Bed Sheets


No matter the reason why you’re looking for the best organic cotton sheets, we can probably both agree that sleep quality and time are two essential factors for anyone who wants to lead a healthy life.

While there are many different ways of how you can improve that sleep quality - reduce stress, quit smoking, don’t drink alcohol before sleep, start a sleep diary, etc. -, some of the best methods are often going to be associated with the products that you’re using - mattresses, pillows, and, of course, sheets.

The best cotton sheets are surely going to help you improve your overall sleep health, but they likely aren’t going to do this alone - if you’re on the edge of whether or not you should just purchase a new mattress, you could check out our list of the best beds out there, and see if there are any products that catch your eye.

That said, all of the sheet providers mentioned on this list are going to have some sort of set of features that are going to appeal to a specific type of a customer base. All that you need to do is find the company that sells products that look best for you, and just try them out! After all, most of the top-tier brands are going to have sleep trials in place - if you don’t like it, you’ll be able to return it.

That being said, I thank you for checking out this “best cotton bed sheets” and wich you good luck. Until next time!

Caleb Backe

Certified Personal Trainer, Health & Wellness Expert

Contributed By Caleb Backe, Certified Personal Trainer, Health & Wellness Expert

Caleb Backe's work with natural product development has given him insight and expertise in the health industry, as well as an attuned understanding of the wellness world. When Caleb is not developi...

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Scientific References

Contributed by Caleb Backe, Certified Personal Trainer, Health & Wellness Expert

1. Michelle-Marie Peña, MD, Sheryl L. Rifas-Shiman, MPH, Matthew W. Gillman, MD, SM, et al.: 'Racial/Ethnic and Socio-Contextual Correlates of Chronic Sleep Curtailment in Childhood'

2. Fan Nils Yang, Sihua Xu, Ya Chai, et al.: 'Sleep deprivation enhances inter-stimulus interval effect on vigilant attention performance'

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What are the advantages of the best cotton sheets over other types of sheets?

Cotton sheets are going to be very breathable and cool to sleep on, and will usually be more affordable than some other materials out there. Furthermore, cotton sheets tend to be relatively soft, and some different options of it (i.e. Egyptian) are going to be luxuriously soft. That said, same as any other bed sheet material, cotton does have its shortcomings, too.

Are cotton bed sheets expensive?

If you're looking for American-grown cotton products, these are usually considered to be more-than-affordable. That said, Egyptian cotton sheets, for example, are always going to be on the expensive side of the spectrum. Same as with any other sleep product out there, it does depend on the type of the sheet in question!

How to choose the best mattress for me?

When choosing the best mattress for yourself, there are a few important factors that you should consider. First of all, what type of mattress do you need? The most traditional mattresses are memory foam, innerspring and latex, but there are other options, too. Secondly, think about how much you can spend on a mattress, but remember it doesn’t mean that the mattress is better if it’s more expensive. Furthermore, pick a size and firmness depending on your preferences. Finally, think about your sleeping position, it will also influence your decision.

How much does a good mattress cost?

Mattress price usually varies depending on a few factors, such as mattress type, size, height, quality of the material and durability. Today the price of a mattress can vary from $150 to $7000. However, you can find a good mattress for under $1000. The average pricing of a foam mattress is about $900 dollars, innerspring $950. These are the least expensive mattresses. However, if you can afford more expensive ones, you can consider a hybrid mattress for about $1,650, latex - about $2,000.

What size mattress should I get?

Most mattress providers offer 6 standard sizes, including Twin, Twin XL, Full/Double, Queen, King, and California King. A Twin mattress is great for children or young adults who live alone. A Twin XL mattress is great for children or single adults but not comfortable for couples. A Full/Double bed is excellent for children and couples, however, it won’t work if both people like to have more space. Queen mattresses work great for adults who like to sleep near each other. A King bed is amazing for couples who like to have some space or sleep with a pet. Finally, a California King mattress is amazing for tall people and couples who like to have space or sleep with their pets.

How long does a mattress last? When should you replace your mattress?

Mattress durability depends on the materials that were used to make it. The average lifespan of a mattress varies from 7 to 10 years. However, good quality mattresses can last even longer. It is recommended to replace your mattress every 8 years, but if it still feels great, there’s no need. If you want to buy a mattress that lasts longer than average, you should consider latex or memory foam mattresses. These can serve up to 10 or 15 years while Innerspring mattresses usually last about 7-8 years.