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If you’re someone who resides in the UK, you might think that it can be difficult to find a top-tier mattress, since it can seem like all of the leading mattress brands are located in the US. Well, in this “best mattress UK” list, we’re going to prove that wrong.

Not only does the UK house some of the well-known mattress industry names, it also has some amazing and high-end brands that are originally and exclusively UK-based, too. So, if you’re looking for a UK mattress, here’s a list of brands that we’ll be checking out today:

Best Mattress UK: The Criteria

Before we get to the meat and potatoes of things - or, rather, the foam and the springs -, we should first figure out the evaluation criteria by which we’ll determine the contenders for the spot of the best mattress UK.

Naturally, mattresses are going to differ - that’s quite obvious. Different types of UK mattresses are going to have different pros and cons - while foam beds could exceed in one area, they could be easily overshadowed by latex beds in another one.

That being the case, though, anyone looking through the mattress reviews UK should be aware that there are some features that are universal. Well, at least they should be - every top-tier mattress should possess them, to some extent.

Best mattress UK: mattress in bedroom.

First up, durability. No matter what kind of mattress it is that you’re looking for, it has to be durable, sturdy and well-built. If that’s not the case, then you’re basically signing yourself up for some disasters.

Cooling and breathability are also among the top features that people looking for the best mattress UK should be aware of. If your new bed isn’t breathable, or it lacks some cooling capabilities, you’re going to experience endless heatwaves and will basically drown in sweat and moisture.

Now, the majority of the other features are going to depend on the mattress in question. As eluded to earlier in the “best mattress UK” article, foam beds are going to be great for one type of purpose, while spring or hybrid mattresses may be better for another.

All of that being said, let’s not waste any time and move straight on to the list of the best mattresses UK, shall we?

1. DreamCloud - A Luxurious Foam and Spring Hybrid

Ranks #1 out of 8 Mattresses

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the term “luxurious mattress”?

Chances are that one of the first things would be a hefty price tag. I’m glad to tell you that, with the DreamCloud UK hybrid mattress, you’ll receive a truly luxurious bed, for a very adequate price!

DreamCloud’s hybrid mattress provides sleepers with the best of both worlds - that of foam, and innerspring coils. The mattress is made out of five separate layers of only the top-quality materials, with a quilted top, breathable foam, and responsive coils being at the center of attention.

The company’s UK customers point out that while the mattress in question is able to provide top-notch body contouring features and is rather decent at isolating motion, it also sleeps very cool thanks to the breathable foam and coil layers. It’s a rare combination of features that not every hybrid bed is able to pull off - DreamCloud however, has seemingly found the golden middle ground.

It is also worth pointing out that the bed is on the firmer side of things, scoring 6-7 out of 10 on the mattress firmness scale (with 10 being the firmest). You can also expect some sturdy edges, thanks to the coil base of the product.

An all-around amazing alternative for anyone looking for the best mattress in the UK!

What is the Price of the DreamCloud Mattress?

The DreamCloud hybrid mattress is available in these sizing and pricing options:

As you can probably tell, the legends were true - while packing some amazing features and high-end materials, the DreamCloud UK luxury hybrid mattress is still very affordable! The bed offers one of the best price VS quality ratios in the entire United Kingdom!

On top of that, DreamCloud also offers customers a 365-night sleep trial, and a forever warranty! If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, they’ll even take the mattress back, free of charge, and offer you a full refund (the initial delivery is free, too). Superb!

Visit DreamCloud UK

2. Nectar - A Top-Tier Foam Mattress

Ranks #2 out of 8 Mattresses

Verified Staff Pick

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If you’ve ever heard about foam-based mattresses, in general, you’ve likely heard about Nectar, too.

Without a doubt, Nectar is one of the most popular names in the mattress industry, as a whole. It’s probably no wonder that the brand also houses a version of the best mattress UK - the Nectar mattress.

Now, you might say - what’s so special about this particular mattress? Let me tell you - a lot!

Nectar offers sleepers some amazing pressure relief features. The mattress is bound to work wonders for people who have been suffering from painful pressure spots on their bodies because of their old beds.

As any top-tier foam mattress should, Nectar also works great at isolating motion to a single side of the bed. If you or your partner are restless sleepers, this feature is definitely going to important! Due to its unique 4 foam layer design, the bed is bound to be one of the best UK mattresses when it comes to motion isolation and overall reduction.

Perhaps the most surprising part of this mattress is that, while being a foam-based model, it’s actually relatively-cool to sleep on! That’s rare!Foam” and “temperature neutrality” usually aren’t the two terms that go hand-in-hand, but Nectar appears to have managed to crack the mystery - definitely a huge win as far as the best mattress UK is concerned!

What is the Price of the Nectar Mattress?

Nectar’s prices are, as follows:

The most surprising thing about this particular mattress in question is that, while possessing some amazing features, the product is actually very affordable, especially when you compare it to other industry-leading beds! That’s definitely cool!

Visit Nectar

3. Emma - Very Affordable High-Quality Beds

Ranks #3 out of 8 Mattresses

If you’re on the hunt for the best mattress UK, and haven’t heard of Emma, that would be exceptionally strange. A single look at the customer reviews left online will tell you that the beds offered and sold by Emma are probably some of the most popular - arguably, THE most popular - sleep products in the country.

Right, so - what makes Emma special?

Well, reading through what sleepers have to say about the product, and checking out some customer “best mattresses UK” choices, it would appear that the mattresses sold by the company in question are a greatprice VS qualitycompromise.

Now, naturally, the products aren’t miracle-makers - they aren’t going to cure your sleep apnea[1], or solve all of your sleep-related issues. That being said, what Emma provides is top-tier motion isolation, coupled together with some great pressure relief capabilities.

These two features are, admittedly, some of the core strengths of all-foam products, in general. That being said, however, Emma is a perfect example of how to “do it right”, while also retaining some affordable price tags.

Speaking of which…

What is the Price of the Emma Mattress?

Emma mattress prices are:

Undoubtedly, one of the more affordable options for the spot of the best mattress UK!

Visit Emma
...or read our Emma review

4. Dormeo - Very Unique Mattress Technology

Ranks #4 out of 8 Mattresses

Dormeo is surely one of those mattress brands that are aiming to change the way you look at mattress types, in general.

What do I mean by that, you may inquire? Pretty simple - Dormeo has some of the most unique mattress technology that you’d encounter on any “best mattress UK” list.

Dormeo beds utilize what are known as “Octasprings” - these are mattress components that act in the same manner as metal mattress coils would, but instead are actually made from a specific type of foam.

While it may sound very odd on paper, I assure you - it works wonders when put to the test.

Customer Dormeo mattress reviews UK mention how these specific mattresses are amazing at alleviating pressure and minimizing motion transfer, while at the same time being great at keeping the sleeper cool and even providing some bounciness, too.

Needless to say, that’s one f the rarest combinations out there - definitely a unique product, for sure!

What is the Price of the Dormeo Mattress?

Dormeo’s price tags are:

Admittedly, the Dormeo mattresses are insanely expensive. That being said, some customers note that purchasing one of these beds is like buying “two separate products - a foam and a spring one”. Whether that’s worth it or not, it depends on the person.

Visit Dormeo
...or read our Dormeo review

5. Silentnight - Two Different Mattress Choices

Ranks #5 out of 8 Mattresses

Silentnight offers customers two different mattresses - a foam model, and a spring one.

Judging by the various customer “best mattress UK” reviews that talk about Silentnight, it would seem that both beds in question are quite similar in regards to their overall quality and durability. This is actually pretty cool! It means that no matter what type of a sleeper you are, you should be able to find a decent option with Silentnight.

If you prefer foam, you can expect decent motion isolation and pressure relief capabilities. While they may be less-ideal than if you were to purchase an industry-leading product, Silentnight still provides a decent alternative.

If you’re more of a spring type of a person, however, the coil-based bed that the company offers is going to possess a medium level of firmness, while also being bouncy and relatively-cool.

What is the Price of the Silentnight Mattresses?

The Silentnight mattresses are priced like so:

The foam model:

The spring model:

Definitely some of the more affordable mattress alternatives - many customer Silentnight mattress reviews UK mention this, too!

Visit Silentnight
...or read our Silentnight review

6. Sealy - Variety of Hybrid, Foam and Innerspring Mattresses

Ranks #6 out of 8 Mattresses

When looking for the best UK mattress, you’re likely to come across Sealy. It’s one of the better-known mattress brands that offer multiple hybrid, foam and innerspring mattresses.

Even though you get such a variety of products to choose from, the innerspring Response line is the most popular one. Moreover, this line offers three different collections, out of which the Premium one seems to be suitable for most sleepers. 

All three collections in the Response Line provide very good breathability, responsiveness, and pretty good edge support. It’s especially great for sleepers who do not like memory foam mattresses. 

On the other hand, the mattresses aren’t that great at motion isolation and pressure point relief, so you should take that into consideration when choosing the best mattress in the UK for your personal needs. 

What are the Prices of the Sealy Mattresses?

The prices for each of the Sealy mattresses are different, they tend to vary from about £399 to £999 for the Response Line beds. However, if you choose mattresses from other collections, they can be more pricey. 

Sealy mattresses come with a 5-year warranty, so if you notice any manufacturing defects within this time, the company will fix this issue

Visit Sealy

7. Casper - Eco-Friendly Mattress

Ranks #7 out of 8 Mattresses



Sleep Trial For Casper Mattress

Grab this Casper coupon and enjoy 100-night sleep trial when you purchase a new Casper mattress. If it won't work out, returns are free & easy.

Expiration date: 28/11/2020
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Casper was launched back in 2014. The company works hard to make sure that they offer high-quality products for customer-friendly prices. You can choose from multiple models, including Casper Original, Hybrid and Essential mattresses

The Casper Original mattress seems to be the most popular one. While it provides relatively low prices, the mattress brings many benefits. First of all, the mattress is medium-firm, meaning that it should suit the needs of different sleepers

What is more,  users claim that it's very durable and provides good pressure point relief. The only problem is that, like the majority of memory foam mattresses, it tends to trap heat and lacks responsiveness. However, if you're looking for a breathable mattress that would be more supportive, you should consider the Casper Hybrid mattress

What is the Price of the Casper Mattresses?

The Casper Original mattress prices look like this: 

The Casper mattress will be delivered completely free. What is more, the company offers mattress removal services that are great if you're not sure what to do with your old mattress. 

Visit Casper

8. Simba - One of the More-Popular UK Hybrid Mattress Providers

Ranks #8 out of 8 Mattresses

Simba is a brand that has been in the mattress business in the UK since 2002. If you’ve ever had to go mattress shopping before, chances are that you’ve seen this brand pop up quite a few times in your searches.

That said, are the mattresses that the company sells any good? Well, yes - quite good, in fact!

Simba deals in hybrid mattresses, namely, those made from foam and springs. The foam that the company uses is unique, though - it’s called Simbatex, and is infused with graphite for some added cooling capabilities. If you sleep on a foam mattress, and are a hot sleeper by nature, you can probably understand why it’s a big deal.

Glancing at the Simba customer reviews found online, it’s evident that the mattress is responsive and bouncy, and packs some great cooling and breathability features, too. Most of the UK-based customers note that the cooling features of the product in question are more than enough to keep the bed temperature-neutral throughout the night.

The product does appear to transfer some motion due to the Aerocoil springs being located in the comfort layer in the middle of the mattress, but it’s notable that the lack of motion isolation isn’t all that evident, at least for the vast majority of sleepers.

What is the Price of the Simba Mattress?

The pricing options for the Simba hybrid mattress are:

Some decent prices, especially with the current discounts! Do make sure to check the actual price tags whenever you're reading this article on the best mattresses in the UK, though, since the prices are always subject to change at the solemn discretion of the company behind the product.

Visit Simba


So - that’s the end of the “best mattress UK” list.

I do hope that this list was helpful to you, and that you’ve managed to pick the best option for yourself. While finding the right bed can sometimes prove to be a challenge, it’s a much easier feat when you have a list to follow!

Also, remember that all of the beds mentioned here today possess their own pros and cons - the actual best option for you is going to depend on your preferences alone!

Other Less Favoured Mattresses in This Category

Here are other mattresses related to the category but not as favoured by MyBestMattress readers yet. In my personal opinion, today there are much more optimal mattresses in the list with the higher rating that I'd recommend for the same price range or less.

Tempur - High-End Mattresses

Tempur is a pretty well-known name not only in regards to the best mattresses UK, but also worldwide, too. The company deals in some top-quality beds - they utilize special, patented technology to not only make their beds exceptionally durable, but also exceed in areas such as pressure relief.

And indeed - reading through some customer Tempur reviews, it becomes quite obvious why people claim this particular mattress to be an astounding option when it comes to the best mattress UK. The pressure relief capabilities of the mattress are truly amazing - if you suffer from pressure point-related issues, then Tempur might be the perfect answer for you.

Naturally, the mattress is top-tier in other areas, too - it provides sleepers with some amazing motion isolation, and - as pointed out earlier - is one of the most durable and well-built products on this “best mattress UK” list.

What is the Price of the Tempur Mattress?

Tempur’s prices are, as follows:

  • Single - £1179
  • Double - £1609
  • King Size - £1875
  • Super King Size - £2125
  • Small Single - £1035
  • Long Single - £1179

As you can see, it’s definitely a more expensive option, but surely one that will serve you for a long time to come.

Hypnos - Handmade Mattresses

Hypnos Beds are a somewhat-unique entry on this list, mainly because the mattresses sold by this company handcrafted.

While this isn’t exactly something that will improve your quality of sleep or minimize daytime sleepiness[2], it does provide the products with some qualities of uniqueness and exclusivity, for sure.

The mattresses themselves are made from sustainable materials. When it comes to the best mattress in UK, these products are able to provide the sleepers with some great combinations of pressure alleviation and cooling. That’s quite rare!

The only notable issues with the beds themselves are that they aren’t exactly ideal for anyone who’s looking for motion isolation. If you sleep together with someone who’s a “tosser-and-turner”, chances are that the Hypnos mattresses won’t really help you with this predicament.

What is the Price of the Hypnos Mattress?

Now, this is the tricky part. If you were looking for the best mattress in UK in order to buy it online, Hypnos isn’t going to be an option - these mattresses are only available to be purchased via retail.

That said, customers report that you can expect the price tags to vary anywhere from £699 up to £1399. Needless to say, that’s a bit expensive, but it makes sense seeing as the products are handmade.

John Lewis - Handmade from Sustainable Materials

John Lewis mattresses might not be as popular as most other products mentioned on this list, but if you’re looking for the best mattress in UK, you should still be aware of this brand, too.

The special qualities of these mattresses include being handmade from sustainable materials, and providing exceptional breathability to the sleeper. It’s actually one of the main points mentioned by other people who were looking for best mattress UK options, too - breathability is that one feature that’s done quite right by John Lewis.

It’s worth mentioning, however, that customers do report some lack of comfort while sleeping on these beds. That’s a bit underwhelming, especially seeing as the mattresses are handcrafted.

What is the Price of the Johns Lewis Mattress?

The John Lewis mattress could cost you anywhere from £499 up to £4599.

Yes, the prices are actually that high. This is justified by the fact that the product is handmade, and built in a sustainable way - still, it might not suit everyone.

Scientific References

1. Dragonieri S, Bikov A: 'Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A View from the Back Door.'

2. Dey R, Dutta S, Bhandari SS: 'Sleep Quality and Daytime Sleepiness among the Clinicians Working in a Tertiary Care Center in Sikkim, India.'

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Nectar is quite a firm mattress, so if that's what you like - I really recommend the Nectar bed. This Nectar review might be too firm for some people though, so if you are really light-weighted, this might not be for you.

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very pleasant mattress

There are a lot of nectar mattress reviews out there and it's kind of always the same - nectar is really really good. nectar mattress price is also reasonable for me, I think it was worth the money because sleeping on it is really pleasant

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5.0/5.0 - Nectar Owner

sleeping like a baby!!!

not the one who leaves a lot of reviews but Nectar mattress deserves it. I am satisfied that I have found this mattress in some nectar mattress reviews few months ago. I am not friendly with sleep and it's hard for me to fall asleep fast so I was looking for something to help solve these problems. Nectar helped me for sure, I feel like sleeping like a baby on this mattress!!

Price value


What are the qualities of the best mattress UK?

The best mattress UK isn't really going to differ all that much from a high-end, top-rated mattress, in general. You should pay close attention to the durability of such mattresses, and how they deal with topics such as temperature neutrality. Everything else is somewhat preference-based - motion isolation, responsiveness, bounciness, pressure relief, and so on.

How to pick the right mattress for myself in the UK?

Admittedly, choosing the best mattress for yourself can be a bit of a tough task, especially if you're not sure what to look for. First of all, you need to decide what type of a mattress it is that you need - foam, spring, or any other kind. Once that's settled, your choice pool will become much more narrow, and you'll be able to browse some of the best options in each category. Also, that's what these lists are for, in the first place!

How to choose the best mattress for me?

When choosing the best mattress for yourself, there are a few important factors that you should consider. First of all, what type of mattress do you need? The most traditional mattresses are memory foam, innerspring and latex, but there are other options, too. Secondly, think about how much you can spend on a mattress, but remember it doesn’t mean that the mattress is better if it’s more expensive. Furthermore, pick a size and firmness depending on your preferences. Finally, think about your sleeping position, it will also influence your decision.

How much does a good mattress cost?

Mattress price usually varies depending on a few factors, such as mattress type, size, height, quality of the material and durability. Today the price of a mattress can vary from $150 to $7000. However, you can find a good mattress for under $1000. The average pricing of a foam mattress is about $900 dollars, innerspring $950. These are the least expensive mattresses. However, if you can afford more expensive ones, you can consider a hybrid mattress for about $1,650, latex - about $2,000.

What size mattress should I get?

Most mattress providers offer 6 standard sizes, including Twin, Twin XL, Full/Double, Queen, King, and California King. A Twin mattress is great for children or young adults who live alone. A Twin XL mattress is great for children or single adults but not comfortable for couples. A Full/Double bed is excellent for children and couples, however, it won’t work if both people like to have more space. Queen mattresses work great for adults who like to sleep near each other. A King bed is amazing for couples who like to have some space or sleep with a pet. Finally, a California King mattress is amazing for tall people and couples who like to have space or sleep with their pets.

How long does a mattress last? When should you replace your mattress?

Mattress durability depends on the materials that were used to make it. The average lifespan of a mattress varies from 7 to 10 years. However, good quality mattresses can last even longer. It is recommended to replace your mattress every 8 years, but if it still feels great, there’s no need. If you want to buy a mattress that lasts longer than average, you should consider latex or memory foam mattresses. These can serve up to 10 or 15 years while Innerspring mattresses usually last about 7-8 years.