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The Mission

MyBestMattress is an independent project - a personal sleep advice initiative, where we analyze, compare and write about the most important part of sleep - a mattress! Our reviews has helped thousands of users to improve their slumber by finding the best mattress out there.

MyBestMattress is a reader-supported, unbiased website, where you can find up-to-date mattress related reviews, guides & deals every day. Our aim is to keep the project completely independent, while publishing in-depth, fact-based content completely for free.

We understand how important sleep is - it takes up half of our lives! So we also know how difficult it is to make a sleep-related decision, because it might impact a big part of your life. Especially when it comes to mattresses - arguably, the most important factor of a good night’s sleep. Don’t worry, we are here to save the day (or in this case - night!). The MyBestMattress team is all about using our own experiences & professional knowledge to help the readers reach the ultimate peak of rest.

The project’s mission is simple - we aim to provide you with the tools, information and all insights needed to make an informed decision on which mattress to choose based on your personal needs and requirements.

An important disclaimer: all the content & resources found on MyBestMattress website are totally free and always will be. Our readers won’t find any hidden subscription models or fees - our research and analysis results are available for everyone, everywhere and for free.

The Problem

The main purpose of this site is to inform the readers about mattresses and sleep-related products, their flaws, advantages and compare them to others. Sadly, a lot of well-known online review sites are not as genuine as they should be. Many get paid for writing positive, biased reviews about mattresses or changing already written ones to make the product look better.

You should also be informed that lots of review websites are not independent - they’re owned by some big mattress providers & brands. It’s usually hidden under wraps, as they don’t want to seem ingenuine. In most cases, these kinds of sites publish biased reviews, scores & rankings.

Best Mattress reviews author

Laura M.

Professional chief editor, sleep enthusiast, reviewer, human rights activist

Laura has been researching & writing in the field of sleep for many years. She knows what makes a mattress great. Laura has a degree in New Media Journalism & is using it to improve people’s lives. She is also passionate about our rights to security & privacy. Her articles can be seen in news outlets and blogs. If you want to find out more about Laura, take a look here.

Best Mattress reviews author

Aaron aka Aaron “Small”

Senior editor, expert reviewer
& security enthusiast

Aaron believes that a good mattress is the main sleep component. He knows how the best mattress should look and feel. Aaron has been writing & researching in many fields for all of his professional career. He has a degree in Journalism, loves all things tech, IT and online security. He was quoted by journals & news outlets.

Aleksander L.

Clinical psychologist - advisor

Aleksander has dedicated his career to treating insomnia & helping his patients solve all their sleep-related problems. His knowledge about sleep is bigger than the rest of the team’s, so he helps us with the research process a lot. Aleksander uses his experiences with patients to recommend only the best mattresses.

Dr. Shelley G.

Behaviorist, analyst

Shelley can read you like a book! She sees the truth behind the behavior of people, either it’s expressed live, or in a written form. Shelley helps us gather user feedback, analyze it and make correct assumptions. She is also interested in sleep psychology, as she battles insomnia herself. Shelley believes a good mattress can improve sleep beyond expectations.

Joao M.

Data Scientist

Joao is a total brainiac. He has a degree in data science, loves math and basically is our guardian of fact-based research. He never lets unchecked facts slip in our reviews. Joao is also a big sleep enthusiast - he can sleep for 12 hours straight.

You - the mattress user

Good sleep lovers

As user feedback is one of the most important factors when evaluating mattresses, we highly encourage you to express your opinion freely! The internet lacks genuine user reviews and we want to have only honest folks with honest opinions here. Go ahead and express your thoughts!