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While mattresses are an essential part of your sleeping experience, there are also other elements that add up to create either a great night’s sleep… or a horrendous one. Many people today are looking for the best pillow reviews online. Whelp - I’m here to provide you with one.

Choosing a pillow can be more difficult than you think. It’s also usually much more important of a task than people perceive it to be - sleep deprivation is believed to kill you before food deprivation! And a pillow is one of the main components needed to avoid being deprived of sleep.

So, what is the best pillow ever? Well, we’ll look at five top-tier contenders:

The Importance of Finding the Best Pillow

So… What do the best pillows have to do with sleep deprivation, and how should you go about choosing a pillow that would fit you?

Well, as far as sleep deprivation is concerned, that’s pretty simple. Imagine that the quality of your sleep is measured by a few different factors - your mood, exhaustion level, the quality of your bed and its components (duh) and so on. If one of these factors falls off, you’re looking at an increased chance of waking up in the morning, completely deprived of sleep.

Naturally, some things matter more than others. It is generally agreed upon that, when it comes to bed components, a good mattress and the best pillows you can find are some of the more important factors out there.

Now, while choosing the best pillow ever can drastically improve the quality of your sleep, that doesn’t really answer the question of how you should go about doing it, right?

Best pillow: a girl smiling and hugging a pillow.

For starters, the very first thing that you should do is think about your allergies - do you have any? Are there any things that trigger a running or a stuffed nose while you sleep? What’s the environment like in your bedroom - is it cool, or does it tend to get hot?

Depending on your answers, deciding what is the best pillow might be pretty simple - most people’s opinions are only going to differ when it comes to the pillow being soft or stiff, big or small, and perhaps the stuffing.

A few things that every contender for the spot of the best pillow should have figured out is dust mite avoidance, quality covers (whatever they might be), optimal pricing and ease of cleaning.

Right, so - you know what to look for when it comes to the customer best pillow reviews out there. But you’ve come here for facts - for actual suggestions regarding the topic of best pillow choice. So, let’s get right into it.

1. Coop Home Goods Original - "The Most Reviewed Pillow on the Internet"

Ranks #1 out of 5 Mattresses

Almost anywhere you’d look online, any customer best pillow reviews and any other recommendation sites, you’d most commonly encounter Coop at the top of all the lists.

You might ask yourself - is this pillow really that good?

Well, Coop Home Goods has many different pillows in stock. The two most notable ones, however, are the Coop Original and Coop Eden - and yes, they are *that* good. To remain unbiased and show some variety, however, in this “Best Pillows” review, we'll be talking about The Original.

So, then - what’s so special about this pillow?

A lot.

First of all, it’s a memory foam-based pillow. This means that it is going to adapt to your head and neck, and while sleeping on it, you’ll be able to avoid “sinking into” the pillow, and thus waking up in the morning with a sore neck.

User best pillow reviews also note that Coop Home Goods has somehow managed to “get it right” as far as memory foam is concerned. You see, some memory foam pillows tend to go overboard with their stuffing, which results in the pillow being way too stiff to be comfortably slept on.

Even with that being said, though, Coop takes it a step further - you’ll be able to adjust the stuffing of the pillow to your liking. Yup - all you have to do is unzip the pillowcase and add or remove as much material as you’d like. How’s that for the best pillow ever?

Many different customer best pillow reviews also agree on the fact that the company marketing a “dust mite resistant” product isn’t just false advertising - it’s true. People are seemingly waking up in the morning without a hint of allergies or a stuffed nose, something that they did suffer from while sleeping on their old pillows.

What is the Price of the Coop Home Goods Original Pillow?

Now, as far as best pillows are concerned, Coop Original is obviously at the top of the contender lists. That said, let’s talk numbers - what’s the actual price of the pillow in question?

Well, if you choose to purchase the pillow from the company’s official website, you’ll have two choices as far as size and price are concerned:

Let me be the first one to say this - these prices are hard to believe! Remember - we’re talking about a pillow that is so widely beloved, that it’s the most common occurrence at the top spots of people’s best pillow reviews!

Visit Coop Home Goods
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2. Layla - A Copper-Infused Cooling Cover

Ranks #2 out of 5 Mattresses

As far as memory foam-based pillows go, Layla is one of the more widely-beloved companies. Not even mentioning their top-tier mattresses, user best pillow reviews note that the Layla pillow is a standalone awesome product for your sleep.

While the pillow is a memory foam product, it’s actually one of the softer pillows in this category. That’s mostly due to the fact that the company mixes its shredded memory foam stuffing with some fibers from the kapok tree.

While it might sound like a strange mixture at first, these fibers are sometimes used to provide a more soft, cushion-like feeling - and, judging from the majority of positive customer opinions online, it works perfectly as intended to.

Another great feature that puts Layla at the top of the best pillows lists is that their product is really good for anyone who tends to sleep hot. While this sometimes happens due to a fever or broken air conditioning, there are people who sleep hot all the time - this can really interfere with you having a decent sleep cycle.

Because of the polyester-blend cover of the pillow, however, Layla is able to provide people with a really cool (as in temperature, although the pillow is quite awesome, in general) sleeping experience.

What is the Price of the Layla Pillow?

The Layla Kapok memory foam pillow comes in two different sizing and pricing variants:

On top of the pillow being quite affordable, Layla also offers free shipping, a 120-night money-back guarantee, and a 5-year warranty. Do note, though, that free shipping applies only to the 48 states in the US - HI and AK do have shipping fees. That said, though, Layla doesn’t charge anything for returns.

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3. Leesa - A Hybrid Pillow

Ranks #3 out of 5 Mattresses

Yup, you’ve read that right - a hybrid pillow. Now, what does that mean?

Well, Leesa does offer customers a hybrid mattress - it’s made from a mixture of pocketed coils and different types of foam. And while the Leesa pillow doesn’t necessarily have “pocketed coils” inside of it, it has different materials on both sides - gel comfort layer on one, and a quilted pocket layer on the other. The middle of the pillow is stuffed with a removable material.

So, what does this mean for the sleeper? Truth be told, Leesa provides a very interesting sleeping experience for anyone who’s going to try the pillow out. There are customers that claim the Leesa hybrid pillow to be the best pillow ever, mainly because it offers a double-like sleeping experience - it has firm support, but sleeps rather soft.

While it may sound strange at first, that’s actually very possible thanks to the pillow’s hybrid design.

Also, it’s worth addressing the “removable part” of the pillow. It’s located in the middle, between the two different layers - you can remove the pillow insert at any time, change it, or even add more, if that’s what you wish. That makes the product very versatile, since you can adjust it as much as you want.

What is the Price of the Leesa Hybrid Pillow?

Same as most other entries on this list, the Leesa hybrid pillow comes in two different price and size options:

The pillow is on the very middle ground as far as the pricing side of things is concerned, but if you’re wondering what is the best pillow ever, the Leesa Hybrid is a pretty good contender for that spot.

Visit Leesa Pillow
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4. Saatva - A Very Breathable Pillow

Ranks #4 out of 5 Mattresses

Saatva is one of the best-known mattress brands in the industry. It’s a top-tier company that provides some amazing, luxury mattresses that are beloved by vast numbers of sleepers around the world. It would seem that the company decided to take a formula that works for them, and transfer it to a pillow format.

Did it work as intended? Well, seeing as it’s widely regarded as one of the best pillows out there, I would have to say yes.

The cover of the Saatva Dream pillow is made out of 100% organic cotton. This reduces any allergy dangers, given that it’s a very breathable and shape-retaining pillow, and allows you to sleep rather cool, overall.

Customer best pillow reviews talk about how the pillow sleeps pretty softly, even though it has a supportive feel to it. Admittedly there are people that claim that the pillow might be a bit too “tall” - depending on your sleeping position and shoulder-width, you might find your neck somewhat elevated while laying down on the pillow.

That said, though, you can easily customize and adjust the filling of the Saatva Dream pillow, thus eliminating any uncomfortable feelings that you might have.

What is the Price of the Saatva Dream Pillow?

Let me warn you in advance - the Saatva Dream pillow isn’t a cheap option as far as the best pillows of the year are concerned:

Yup - the prices are really up there. That said, it is a luxury type of a pillow, and while there are people who aren’t all that happy with the price tags, most Saatva’s customers seem to agree that the price matches the quality of the product.

Visit Saatva Dreams
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5. Tuft and Needle - A Conforming Foam Pillow

Ranks #5 out of 5 Mattresses

Tuft & Needle is yet another popular mattress brand that also offers a great pillow to complement their main product and improve your sleeping experience.

The Tuft & Needle pillow is a foam product - according to customer best pillow reviews, the product is somewhat soft, yet conforms to your head, neck and shoulders pretty well.

Due to the material it’s made from - adaptive polyfoam - the pillow has some very good pressure relief abilities. This is going to be important for anyone who suffers from a stiff neck, sore shoulders or an overall hurting back. The pillow has the ability to aid you in alleviating those problems - that’s pretty good!

What is the Price of the Tuft & Needle Pillow?

The Tuft & Needle comes in two different sizing options - Standard and King. The prices are:

The prices are on the more affordable side of things, especially seeing as Tuft & Needle also offers free shipping in the US, free returns, a 100-night trial and a 3-year limited warranty.

Visit Tuft and Needle Pillow
...or read our Tuft and Needle Pillow review


On average, we sleep for one-third of our lives - that’s a long time to spend in bed. The quality of our sleep is going to affect not only the mood that we’re in next day - it also influences decision making, energy levels and, of course, overall health.

Because of the reasons listed above (and many, many more), it’s important to ensure that we get the best possible sleep we can - and the best pillows can help us achieve that, or at least get much closer to doing so.

I hope that this list of the best pillows of the year was helpful to you, and that you might have found the pillow of your dreams (yes, this pun was very intended).

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What defines a "good pillow"?

There are many different features that are going to be found in some of the best pillows out there, but a few major ones would be the ability to adjust the height of the loft and the stuffing of the pillow, temperature neutrality features, the pillow being hypoallergenic, and so on. That said, some people prefer to sleep without a pillow, altogether - it's a case by case scenario.

What is the best pillow material?

Honestly, there is no single answer to this question. While many people love and prefer memory foam pillow or latex ones, others will tell you that buckwheat is the way to go if you don't want to develop sleep paralysis. It's subjective, and depends on the person in question.

What does pillow "breathability" mean?

Whenever a pillow is "breathable", it means that either the cover, or the insert of the pillow (or both) are made in a way that doesn't obstruct airflow and keeps the pillow itself cool throughout the night.

What is the average price of a decent pillow?

While there is some debate around this topic online, the general consensus seems to be that the average price for a top-tier pillow product ranges at around the $100 mark. That said, you can definitely purchase a great pillow for much cheaper.

Should I purchase a single pillow?

While many people don't know this, you should always purchase two pillows (they can both be different, depending on your sleeping position and personal preference). The second pillow should go either between your legs or under your lower back area, so that your spine would remain perfectly aligned during the night.

Can one pillow only be suitable for a single sleeping position?

No. The same pillow can be great for all of the main sleeping positions. It all depends on the pillow's design, whether or not it has an adjustable loft and firmness level, and so on. That said, you should always double-check whether a pillow that you're opting to purchase is suitable for your sleeping position or not.