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100% Verified Top-rated Mattress Giveaways
100% Verified Top-rated Mattress Giveaways

Win a Mattress & Sleep Like a Baby

We want our readers to sleep better, even if they’re on a tight budget. That’s why we organize best mattress giveaways each month - you have a unique chance to win a completely free mattress with little effort. All you have to do is pick your dream mattress from our exclusive mattress sweepstakes directory, submit your entry & win the main prize!

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16 Readers Already Won Prizes Worth of $17,391
16 Readers Already Won Prizes Worth of $17,391

Free Mattress for the Best Sleep

We know that getting a top-rated mattress is not always cheap, but it’s always worth it. Best mattresses can not only change the way you sleep - it can improve your well-being overall. And even if you’re on a tight budget, we have a great way for you to win a mattress completely for free. Each month, you have an exclusive chance to enter mattress sweepstakes & free mattress giveaways to win best products in the industry. You can choose between many well-known mattress brands & or enter all of the current mattress giveaways. Improving your sleep has never been this easy!

Expired Free Mattress Giveaways

Take a look at all the passed top-rated mattress giveaways! Don’t worry if you didn’t participate in time - if they’re expired now, that only means you’ll still have a chance to win your dream free mattress in the upcoming months. Just make sure to keep an eye on every mattress giveaway’s end date!

Verified Staff Pick
Puffy Mattress Review

Puffy Mattress Giveaway

Winner will receive 1 Premium Class Puffy Mattress

Enter an exclusive Puffy mattress giveaway & claim your free Puffy mattress. Perfect sleep is closer than you think!

Giveaway ended: 2019-12-31
4148 People Entered
Provider Rating
Verified Staff Pick
Nectar Mattress Reviews

Nectar Mattress Giveaway

Winner will receive 1 top-rated Nectar mattress

Enter the limited-time Nectar mattress giveaway & take the free Nectar mattress home. Don't snooze on your chance to win a mattress!

Giveaway ended: 2019-12-31
6762 People Entered
Provider Rating

How to Get a Free Mattress?

You may think that only the lucky ones can win big prizes at giveaways, but that's not the case here! Take a look at our tips on how to easily win a mattress.

Mattress Coupons

Maximize your entries

Here’s the secret - you can take part in as many free mattress giveaways as you want! We don’t limit your chances - you can choose one free mattress giveaway to participate in, or enter all of them. It’s all up to you! Our advice is, if you want to maximize your chances to win a free mattress, enter as many mattress sweepstakes as you can. Be sure to keep track of new mattress giveaways, because we constantly update our directory with fresh opportunities.

Mattress Sales

Complete all the actions

Here’s another hack - in order to have higher chances to win free mattress giveaway, complete all the actions required in the giveaway form. The steps that you have to take are really simple, so with little effort you’re able to multiple your chance by 6 or more. From our past experiences, the participants who completed all the actions won 98% of the free mattress giveaways. It’s easy, fast & might guarantee you a new free mattress!

Black Friday Mattress Deals

Be eligible

There aren’t many requirements for the free mattress giveaway participants. We want everyone to be able to exploit the opportunity to improve their sleeping habits. But still, in order to be considered eligible to enter the mattress giveaway, you have to be located in the U.S. & you have to be twenty-one years old. If you meet these requirements, you can go ahead and maximize your chances of winning by entering various free mattress giveaways!

Holiday Mattress Deals

Don’t give up

That’s our main advice - even if you don’t win a mattress with one free mattress giveaway, you can always have your luck with another. We want to give you as many chances to win as possible, that’s why we provide our readers with new & exclusive mattress sweepstakes every month. If you maximize your entries in different free mattress giveaways from our directory, you’ll have great chances to win your dream mattress, just don’t give up. Effort always pays off!


How will the free mattress winner be picked out?

The winner of mattress sweepstakes will be picked out at random by using automated giveaway program. That means it’s completely fair & unbiased. But have in mind that the more points you get from completing actions, the bigger chances of winning you have. So don’t be lazy - complete all the required steps, enter as many different free mattress giveaways as you can & be ready to win best mattresses!

Will I have to pay for the shipping?

No, you won’t! The shipping expenses will be taken care of by the free mattress provider. Just sit back, relax & wait for your dream mattress to arrive.

If I didn’t win, can I try next time?

Of course, there are no limitations on how many times a participant can enter our free mattress giveaways. We want you to have the best chances to receive top-rated mattresses, so you can try your luck as many times as you want!

How to get a free mattress?

It’s simple - all you have to do is enter the giveaway by completing several required actions, like logging in with Facebook, following MyBestMattress & Saatva on Twitter, etc. You can choose which actions you want to complete, but the more you accomplish, the more chances you get to win the free mattress giveaway. From our experience, completing all the required steps can increase your chances to win more than 6 times!

What is the free mattress giveaway’s time period?

Usually, the free mattress giveaway lasts for 30 days, so you have plenty of time to complete the required steps. 10 days after the deadline, the winner is picked-out & contacted.

How many participants can win a mattress?

In a particular free mattress giveaway, there can only be one winner. But don’t worry - we always have mattress giveaways for different top-rated brands every month! So if you didn’t have luck this time, maybe next month you will take an amazing mattress home. Just don’t give up and try your chances out with several mattress giveaways at a time.