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Student Mattress Discounts List

Find all the best student mattress discounts & student discounts on furniture in one place. Browse the biggest student mattress discounts directory & save big on the most comfortable mattresses!

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Brooklyn Bedding Student Mattress Discounts

Brooklyn Bedding Student Mattress Discounts

25% + Free Shipping account
Verification with
Individual actively enrolled in an accredited, government-recognized public or private university or college (including community, junior, or vocational college) based in the United States that grants degrees or certificates
On entire order
Applicable to all purchases, both online and in-store. The 25% Teacher and Student discounts cannot be combined with any other promotional codes and cannot be applied to gift card purchases.
Leesa Student Mattress Discounts

Leesa Student Mattress Discounts

Troop ID account
Verification with
Students with student ID
On all mattresses
Purple Student Mattress Discounts

Purple Student Mattress Discounts

Verify student ID
Students with student ID
On any Purple order. Valid on full-price merchandise only. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Discount applies to merchandise only and not shipping & handling, taxes, or packaging.
Discount offer is valid online at and at participating retail stores. Proper identification must be shown.
GhostBed Student Mattress Discounts

GhostBed Student Mattress Discounts

15% account
Verification with
All college (including community & technical) students are eligible for the program
On entire order
The discount applies to all full-priced items and does not apply to our bundle offers, taxes, shipping or any other fees. Discounts cannot be combined with other discount codes.

Sleep and Mattress Needs in College

Many people say that they live through the best years of their lives in college. However, when it’s time to leave your parents home it can be both exciting and scary. After all, from now on you’ll be living on your own.

Taking care of the quality of your sleep while being in college is the same as preparing for your test - if you skip it, then you’ll probably fail. Without the quality sleep, you’ll be unable to concentrate on studies, won’t have enough energy for additional activities, and will simply always feel tired. Of course, these issues will lead to lower grades and a gloomy mood.

Student Mattress Discounts Learning

Based on the research that was performed on college students, 74% of the participants experienced symptoms of insomnia disorder. The same studies revealed that high-quality sleep can relieve these symptoms. That being said, sleep in college should be taken seriously in order to keep up.

Talking about sleep quality, one of the most important aspects that you should pay attention to is your mattress. You should make sure that your bed promotes the right level of support, pressure point relief, and keeps your spine aligned. It’s also important to pay attention to the sound that your bed makes. Experiencing constant squeaks and creeks might disturb your and your roommate’s sleep.

It’s known that the majority (about 90%) of university students have roommates and 41% of them are disturbed by the noise of others. Even though parties are the most common reason for that, the noisy bed might also be among them.

Student Mattress Discounts Beds

Based on all the aspects that students need, it’s recommended to get a memory foam, latex, or a hybrid bed. Traditional innerspring mattresses are not recommended due to the sound they produce. Considering the fact that you’re probably looking for a budget-friendly alternative, the memory foam mattress is probably what you need.

Talking about Dorm rooms, they usually come with a mattress. But what to do if it’s uncomfortable? If it happens to be so, you should consider getting a mattress topper. You can make your bed softer or firmer, as you prefer. It will also add a new layer to the old mattress and will protect you from dust and bacteria.

If you like the way your bed feels, however, don’t feel comfortable knowing that someone else already slept there, then you can get a mattress protector. It will ensure you sleep clean and protected.

Choosing the Right Student Mattress Discount

The majority of reputable mattress brands offer student mattress discounts. Since students are often broke but need quality sleep to keep their grades up, you’ll be able to get special offers.

You’re probably wondering, how to find the best student discounts?

We already got it covered. To make sure you’re able to find the most attractive student mattress discounts, we have gathered them for you. Now you’re able to purchase some of the most recommended beds for significantly lower pricing. Purple, Leesa, and Brooklyn Bedding are among your options.

Student Mattress Discounts Working

Before deciding on which discount to pick, you should find the bed based on your personal wants and needs. I recommend getting Purple, however, if it’s too pricey, then Leesa should be the perfect fit.

You’ll see that discounts usually vary from 10% to 25%. In most cases, they’re applied to the entire order, however, do not work on already discounted products. You should look at the provided table for more information.

How to Apply for Student Mattress Discount?

The method of applying the student mattress discount varies depending on the provider that you decide to go for. In all cases, you’ll need to verify your student ID. For example, Purple requires you to register with Student Beans to verify your student status. Once doing that, a 10% discount code will be sent to your email.

Other providers, such as Leesa or Brooklyn Bedding, will ask for verification with, and your discount will be sent either to the account. Usually, this discount will be eligible for one-time use only.

Student Mattress Discounts: Tired

Generally speaking, applying student mattress discounts takes very little time and effort. Most of the providers explain the process very clearly on their official site, so you won’t have to face any challenges applying it.

Types of Best Student Discounts

You’ll notice that there are two different types of student discounts on furniture and mattresses, including flat and percentage-based. However, as you can see in the table above, most often you’ll find percentage-based discounts that you’ll be able to apply to your entire order.

Flat student mattress discounts mean that you get a fixed amount of money reduced from your entire order or a specific product. You’ll be able to find discounts varying from about $50 to $150, depending on how expensive the product you’re purchasing is. It’s unlikely that you’ll find flat student mattress discounts, however, it happens occasionally.

Student Mattress Discounts Badge

Most often you’ll come across percentage-based discounts. As I already mentioned, they usually vary from 10% to 25%. Such discounts are usually more worthy than flat discounts. Of course, it all depends on how much the product you purchase costs.

Suitable Mattress is a Key to Sleep Issues

You shouldn’t be focusing on the best student mattress discounts only, it might lead to making a poor decision without investing your time in finding a proper mattress for yourself.

Even though the majority of the top-tier mattresses manage to provide you with the right level of comfort and support, you should still take some time to do the research. One study revealed that mattress comfort and support are highly related to the quality of your sleep, that’s why it’s crucially important.

Therefore, don’t ever forget about the importance of sleep. Investing in your sleep is the same as investing in your health, life quality, and good grades if you’re a student.


How to apply for a student mattress discount?

It all depends on the provider you choose. Some companies require you to fill in special forms and then send discounts to your emails, others ask to verify your eligibility after selecting the products. Purple, for example, has on-site forms that you need to fill in, submit, and wait until the discount is sent to your email.

Which companies offer the best student mattress discounts?

Most of the top-tier brands offer student discounts. Leesa and Ghostbed offer a 15% discount while Purple gives you 10%. Even though discount matters, don’t forget that you should choose a bed based on its qualities but not on the size of a discount.

How many times can I use the same student mattress discount?

Most often you’ll be able to use the same student mattress discount only once. Since when applying for a discount you need to provide your student ID, the provider will know that you’ve already used it. If this happens, you can always take a look at additional mattress deals.

Can I combine student mattress discounts with additional offers?

Almost every mattress brand will say that you cannot combine student discounts with additional offers. So, if you notice a more attractive deal, for example, during the Black Friday sale, the smartest decision would be to choose a more worthy offer.

What documentation is required to verify my eligibility for student mattress discounts?

It depends on the provider, however, most often your student ID will be enough to get a discount. Let’s take a few brands as an example. Purple asks you to register with Student Beans while Leesa, Brooklyn Bedding and GhostBed asks for verification with

Which flat or percentage-based discounts are better?

People usually search for percentage-based discounts as they often provide better deals, and most often are applied to the entire cart. That being said, the more expensive the product is, the more you can save. Student mattress discounts usually vary from 10% to 25%.